Fund Update for CofE B-cell/Rituximab Research

Facilitating Fasttracking Research into ME

A new update to our B-cell/rituximab projects being funded at UCL which brings the total raised so far for projects there to £507,000.

Our dedicated microsite for the UK rituximab trial and B-cell research has more details is available here.

Our mascot, Professor Ldifme, was created by our supporters and indicates the B-cell/rituximab total - posters by LDIFME's Jan Laverick.

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We are now funding future phases of the work to build the Centre of Excellence for ME foundations.

The new Quadram Institute building is rapidly taking shape and it is where the ME research team would move once open. There is a bright future for the UK Centre of Excellence in Norwich Research Park - with international collaboration now well under way with institutes and universities in UK, Europe and USA.

The head of the Quadram Institute - Professor Ian Charles - will be opening the 12th International ME Conference in London on 2nd June 2017. The conference - and the preceding two day research Colloquium - have all of the world's major ME Centres represented and a wealth of ME research knowledge present.
More details here.

International collaboration in biomedical research into ME.
This has been one of the main objectives of Invest in ME Research in building a strategy of biomedical research in Europe and further afield.

We welcome all support to help us in developing the UK Centre of Excellence for ME.

Ways to help us are shown in the column at the right of our page.

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