Research Fund Update for NRP Projects

Finding, Facilitating Funding Biomedical Research into ME

An update to our gut microbiota and related projects being performed at the UK Centre of Excellence for ME in Norwich Research Park brings the total raised so far for projects there to £183,000.
Thanks to our supporters the momentum is building to establish this major UK and European hub for research into ME.

We are now funding the future phases of the work to build the Centre of Excellence for ME foundations.

More about the research projects within the Research Park is available here. and details of the project leading to the UK rituximab cklinical trial are here.

A foundation of biomedical research is now established with 5 PhDs participating in biomedical research into ME and preparations underway for a UK clinical trial of rituximab and with major European and international collaboration.

This opportunity provides the best possibility for progressing biomedical research into M.E

With enough support we can achieve this and make lasting progress in researching and treating this disease.

Please help us raise funds and awareness for this. Join our CofEforME C-Selfie support campaign - click here

Our mascot, Professor Ldifme, was created by our supporters - this one being a festive version.

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The charity is preparing for its 2017 2-day Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium 7 (our annual seventh research colloquium) and the 12th International ME Conference 2017 - both events in London.

With major institutes in attendance from around the world, and with both NIH and CDC participating, these events will further help progressbiomedicalresearch into this disease.

Our Current Funding Streams

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